Are The Genetics Behind The Wedding Cake Strain A Perfect Pairing?

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Within the last year there has been a sweeping presence of new designer strains meant to draw out the highest level of terpenes. From these endeavors has come the Wedding Cake strain from two extremely popular and potent parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie by none other than Seed Junkies. Our store is currently brimming with all sorts of cannabis products highlighting this A-list strain.

Nearly every Girl Scout Cookies crossing has come into some form of popularity. This strain stands out from the rest in the powerful flavor and potency the crossing of such two terpene-rich parents. This hybrid strain has a balanced way of getting you extremely high. The flavor can vary quite a bit on this strain depending on the phenotype, but often it comes with a sour and sweet taste with a creamy finish. In some cases when the Cherry Pie side is more dominant it can even look purple. This veritable celebrity strain is also known as “Pink Cookies” and usually clocks in THC percentages of up to 25%.

The Wedding Cake strain is gorgeous to look at with its vibrant colors and sparkling crystal coverage. Pink-ish orange pistils jut out from dense, indica-like buds on this flower that range from a darker green to earthier brown tones. Your fingers will instantly get sticky from the blanket of crystals and trichomes lining the buds of any decent Wedding Cake strain. When smoking this strain you’ll notice a rich, creamy taste that may end up a little harsh on your throat towards the end. The high is quickly cerebral, but has a bodily relaxing indica side to it that will creep in later on when you least expect it.

Are The Genetics Behind The Wedding Cake Strain A Perfect Pairing?Find Wedding Cake At Diamond Green

The Wedding Cake strain is such a hot topic on the minds of so many cannabis consumers that we’ve definitely got what you need. We currently carry Wedding Cake flower from House of Cultivar, Pilot Farm, and Phat Panda. When it comes to oil we carry a cartridge from Refine that also comes in a one-use vape. There’s also currently a sugar wax from Rooted Cannabis that Lifted made that is brimming with terps that our customers have been favoring.

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