House Of Cultivar Has Seattle’s Largest Sustainable Indoor Grow Facility

Image from House of Cultivar Facebook

Down in the SoDo neighborhood in the heart of Seattle lies tier-3 indoor producer/processor, House of Cultivar. Within their 40,000 square foot facility that’s capable of holding up to 852 flowering lights they’ve been growing popular genetics that have won them a Dope Cup or two. They’ve been producing some of the most popular strains among cannabis connoisseurs, as well as concentrates, in Washington state.

Aside from getting features from High Times, House of Cultivar is an industry leader in focusing on sustainable growing practices. They’ve even gone on to work with the city to reduce their overall electrical load. Their grow area utilizes a fully climate-controlled environment that uses a full dew-point-managed HVAC system with HEPA filtration and advanced biocontrol. The team at Cultivar is also intent on keeping their pesticide use only a purely OMRI-certified organic IMP (integrated pest management.) This consists only of biological controls such as predator mites, nematodes, and beneficial fungi that will outcompete powdery mildew directly in the root zone.

Rare Genetics

House Of Cultivar Has Seattle’s Largest Sustainable Indoor Grow FacilityThe crew at House of Cultivar are voracious hunters for rare genetics. Their mother-plant library, in combination with their tissue-culture lab possess well over 350 unique genetic specimens. This staggering stock of Cookies, Chems, Lemons, Diesels, and OGs comes almost all from the original breeders. In particular, Cultivar has an array of highly sought-after Chem strains that they’ve brought to their full potential in terpene profile and THC potency.

They produce some highly potent classic strains such as Blue Dream, White Tahoe Cookies, GG#4, and Wedding Cake. They have also been working on designer strains such as Georgia Peaches, Durbert, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chem Mint, and Glazed Apricot Gelato. They’ll be in for a vendor day this August 2nd if you want to come in and learn more about some of their inventive strain concoctions.

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