The Art Of Low-Temp Dabbing—How To Take The Perfect Dab

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We recently talked about the new craze of “cold start dabbing,” and how a lot of formerly low temp dabbers are making the switch. But we’ve never gone into the more traditional art of dabbing at a low temperature. This is the favored style by oil-heads and cannasseurs alike to capture the highest level of terpenes and overall flavor in each succulent smoke sesh.

First and foremost, this is a set of instructions for those with all of the proper tools. So make sure you got your banger, dab tool, rig, torch, and carb cap. This is also not the exact way that’s going to work for you every time. There is both a margin for human error, as well as a level of trial-and-error you’ll go through with each type of oil you use. These can include any kind of solvent (rosin, distillate, shatter) as well as solventless hash.

The typical temperature that you’re looking for when dabbing at a low-temp is around 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature the cannabinoids and terpenes are able to fully melt and release a full-spectrum effect that captures the natural flavor of the strain—that also doesn’t burn your throat.

When you heat up your quartz banger you’ll see it glow a reddish orange which will indicate it being around 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The usual wait time from that moment is around :45-1 minute. While smoking, pop your carb cap on and swirl it back and forth to distribute the oil and burn it all up. There’s a popular app floating around made by Errl’s that can offer you pinpoint precision on your low-temp dabs.

There are other types of nails such as titanium, glass, and ceramic, but this article is focusing on heating up quartz bangers specifically. Follow your dab up with a clean Q-tip to ensure your banger is clean for the next hit. Below we’ve made an easy 10-step way to take a clean, powerful, and flavorful low-temp dab nearly every time.

10 Steps For Low Temp Dabbing

  1. Make sure you have all your tools (rig, torch, carb cap, Q-tips, dab tool, concentrates, timer)
  2. Apply heat to your banger until it’s red-hot
  3. Wait for a little over 1 minute to pass
  4. Scoop your dab in the meantime
  5. After about a minute, drop your dab in the nail, and scrape off the remains
  6. Place the carb cap on the nail and rip it
  7. Twist carb cap left-and-right while you smoke
  8. Pull carb cap to clear the rig of smoke
  9. Repeat steps 9 & 10 until satisfied
  10. Clean nail with Q-tips to keep your nail fresh

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