These Four CBD Products May Help Relieve Daily Body Pain

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Cannabis, CBD specifically, is a wonderfully natural form of potential pain relief. Around this time of year you might be feeling the aches and pains from any number of activities or trips such as concerts, festivals, camping, hiking, biking, or even working. For some, summer is the most lucrative time of the year when it comes to ways to make a quick buck.

Whatever the reason, you may at one point or another seek relief that doesn’t affect your mental state. Not everyone likes to get a strong psychoactive effect from their cannabis products when seeking relief for body pain. For some, a consistent dose of CBD throughout the day is the right medicine they need to keep their cool, and keep the pain at bay. Here are four CBD products you can find at Diamond Green that are low in THC and favor well for potential body pain relief.

Four CBD Products For Pain

CBD Critical Mass by Artizen

Critical Mass has been a longtime favorite when it comes to CBD-friendly strains because it’s also indica-leaning. Artizen does a phenomenal job at letting the genetics do the talking on this one with the potent terpenes, and high CBD percentages. Smoke a little bit of this at the end of your day to let your hair down and relax without getting the munchies or potentially feeling paranoid. Another great strain in this same vein is the Canna-Tsu

Canna Tonic 2:1 Cartridge by Mfused

If you were ever, or still are a cigarette smoker, or even Juul owner, this is a great alternative. Full spectrum CBD offers the subtle effects of THC as it enhances the CBD in the oil you’re vaporizing. Not to mention, this is the kind of oil you can smoke on all day that will relax your body and calm your nerves, but won’t get you too stoned to function. On top of it all, it’s not going to give you cancer like cigarettes may, or be nearly as addictive as nicotine overall.

Ringo’s Gift 10:1 CBD Cartridge by Mfused

This is the high dosage of CBD you’ve been looking for in a discreet, and easy to consume form. Mfused has taken high quality distillate, glycol-free, and has given you an easy gateway to the entourage effect. There’s no telling what kind of zen your body might unlock with this cartridge.

Journeyman Jellies Edibles 30:1

Journeyman Edibles offer a delicious line of jelly edibles that recently have begun coming in CBD form. Currently at Diamond Green you can find a 30:1 CBD to THC jelly that really packs a punch. Each of these jellies is made with a fresh fruit puree and distillate infusion to ensure pure flavor and ample potency.

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