These Discreet Cannabis Products Are Perfect For Festival Season


When summer hits any sane person hopes to attend at least one outdoor music festival. The problem with these festivals is that security is often not so lenient on what you can bring in and more-so on what they’ll throw out. Naturally, you’re looking to have a bit of fun, so finding discreet solutions is key. We’re definitely not condoning the act of unlawfully smuggling drugs and paraphernalia into an event, but we want to offer some workarounds that will keep everyone happy.

We believe in the positive effects of cannabis, and definitely condone the consumption of it in any situation the legal user deems appropriate. We also stand behind the idea that if it’s not stinking up the place, where’s the harm? The beauty of legal cannabis these days is that it comes in many forms that aren’t stinky nugs. Diamond Green has everything you could ask for when it comes to cannabis oils, topicals, tinctures, edibles, and cartridges.

Assuming you’re going to outdoor event in Washington on a sunny summer day, we’ve come up with a few items at our store that could prove useful. These are some of our personal favorites within a broader category of discreet cannabis products that won’t raise any eyebrows out in public.


Many vapes look the same to the unwarry eye. Several batteries for 510 thread vape cartridges come in small sizes such as any CCell product. For product, we personally recommend a sativa-dominant cartridge from Snowcrest. They fill their carts with pure CO2 oil free of additives and preservatives. A sativa dominant selection like Acapulco Gold from these folks (ideally with something with limonene terpenes) will keep you up on your feet all day with a pleasant psychoactive buzz and no attention drawn from stench.


There are a lot of obvious edibles such as candies and other sweets that are obvious winners. You can easily get away with munching on a tasty infused edible before entering any festival grounds. But, we recommend trying out Mari’s Mints from Northwest Cannabis Solution, because it looks like a tin of mints. Also, what better refresher for your parched breath throughout the day than some tasty mints? We suggest their sativa blend, or “Move Mints.”


Ever experience lower back pain from walking around all day and craning your neck to catch a dope performance? Bringing along some of Green Revolution’s Muscle Melt Gel will offer quick relief. Slap some of this on your lower back and keep rocking out a while longer as back pain quickly dissipates. You’ll notice a warming sensation on your back as you forget what pain was ailing you during your festival experience.

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