Father’s Day Weekend Is The Perfect Time To Try These Cannabis Products

Photos by Dyllyn Greenwood

Father’s Day weekend is upon us and the sun is finally shining in Tacoma and its surrounding areas. Your humble dad spends most of the year presumably working hard, and then seeking evening and weekend outlets for relaxation. Whether you know it or not, your dad may already be a fan of Mary Jane. There are an increasingly high number of cannabis consumers in the age bracket of 35-65+ that regularly come to our humble shop. Have a look at some of the favorite products that demographic is reaching for.

Cannabis products can offer relief to any number of bodily woes that dads could be feeling. Joint pain, muscle soreness, appetite issues, and anxiety are all things cannabis can help quell. A lot of older gentleman find relaxation in the form of alcohol or tobacco, but now with legality, they may be open to new forms. There’s now even scientific evidence backing the claim that THC and CBD are medically benefitting children and adults. Maybe it’s time you and your dad start a new yearly ritual of bonding over a game of golf and a fat blunt.

Where the tradition each year may have always been to buy a fine cigar, or maybe a top shelf bottle of whiskey, this year it could be something different. Imagine your dad’s surprise if you got him a big bag of phenomenally potent cannabis, or even a cannagar instead! For inspiration, look at the deals we’ll be running on Father’s Day below, and be sure to stop in to snag something sweet for dear old dad. Look around on our June Vendor Days as well for more sweet deals and discounts at Diamond Green during this month!

Father’s Day Sale at Diamond Green

Cedar Creek—28g for $60

30% off Pilot Farms

40% off Landrace 5-pack Joints

Honeytree Carts—1g for $30

Panda Candy Edibles—10mg $3/eachFather’s Day Weekend Is The Perfect Time To Try These Cannabis Products

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