Cold Start Dabbing 101—A New Way To Taste The Terpenes

Photos by Dyllyn Greenwood

Traditionally when you’re hunkering down for a fat dab of your favorite oil you heat up your banger and let it cool. This is the well-known “low temp dab” that when timed correctly, produces a hit brimming with flavor. A lot can go wrong in the cool down though, resulting in potentially burning your dab and zapping away the terps. This is where a new form of dabbing has been gaining popularity—the cold start.

This new method of dabbing involves doing everything essentially in reverse. First, load your oil into your cool banger. Then through the careful addition of heat and coverage, you can indulge in a more flavorful dose. Health stone dabbing was a previous iteration of placing cannabis oil on a cold surface then administering heat. It’s with the onset of quartz bangers that the technology has truly taken a turn towards the innovative.

Today cannabis users have the ability to reap the benefits of Mary Jane more than ever before with the advancements made in extracting cannabis oils and the rigs you can rip them with. We’ve put together a convenient how-to-guide on the best way to approach your first few cold start dabbing experiences.

Cold Start Dabbing 101

The obvious first step is to acquire a rig that allows for a banger, preferably of the bucket variety. You’ll also need a hat for the bucket banger ideally, though you can use any other tool for coverage that won’t melt. Making sure to cover your bucket as you’re slowly applying heat is important as some tasty smoke may disappear.

Cold Start Dabbing 101—A New Way To Taste The TerpenesMake sure your banger is squeaky clean before adding in your oil. If the consistency of your oil is too thick to easily toss it to the bottom, give the banger a quick blast of heat. This will make the oil slide down without losing flavor. Cap it then apply heat with your torch slowly from a distance away from the banger. Ideally within ten seconds you should see the oil bubble as it’s starting to vaporize.

This is when you start ripping and making sure to cover and uncover the banger to move around the oil a bit to get a more even burn. When the oil is smoked through and still loose, swipe a q-tip around to get your banger back to a clean state. This will make future dabs tastier and more indicative of their flavor.


The most obvious benefit of cold start dabbing is that you’re ultimately using less fluid to heat your banger. You’re also taking less time to heat it up, and putting less stress overall on your banger. If you consider yourself a true “cannasseur,” then cold start dabbing is a great way to more intimately experience the taste of each strain you dab. Maybe you should give it a try next time you’re sitting down for a session after a visit to Diamond Green to see if this could be your new way of smoking.

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