Learn More About Kronic Tonic And Their Tinctures For Every Occasion


Henderson Distribution is a Spokane brand that came into the cannabis game in early 2014 as the second legal edible vendor in Washington state. From the beginning these folks took a firm stance on ensuring all of their products utilized natural infusion. What that means is they don’t use any chemical processes, distillates, or concentrates for their edibles. After their first year they expanded their “Incredible Edible” line to include a line of tinctures that has been blowing up since called Kronic Tonic.

Our customers at Diamond Green have been raving about their positive experiences with this line of tinctures for a multitude of reasons. Tinctures are a great alternative for infrequent users of cannabis products to reach relaxation without getting incredibly stoned. Don’t forget that every Tuesday at DG is Topshelf & Tincture Tuesday where you can pick up a bottle of Kronic Tonic for 10% off!  Be sure to check out our full menu on Leafly for updates on new products!

Learn More About Kronic Tonic And Their Tinctures For Every OccasionHenderson Distribution currently makes nine varieties of their Kronic Tonic tincture. Each one offers a varying cannabis-infused effect depending on the experience you’re looking for. They have everything from sativa, indica, and CBD tinctures, to mixtures meant for crashing, stimulating arousal, or even quelling menopause. Each tincture is glycerin-based and usually comes with 100mg of THC & CBD in half-ounce bottles for $25. They naturally have tinctures that are purely CBD, and even some that come with partial amounts of THC.

Many of our returning customers that are over the age of 35 remark on edibles and tinctures being one of their preferred forms of consumption. The older demographic of cannabis consumer is actually seeking-out nearly every product except flower in recent times! Read about some of the other products our older customers are reaching for here.

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