Check Out Diamond Green’s Budtender Picks Of The Month


At Diamond Green we treat our staff and customers like family. Oftentimes our regular customers like to keep up with whatever new products our budtenders are reaching for. Utilizing the knowledge of any of the budtenders at Diamond Green will offer you a wealth of knowledge on products we carry at the store or have in the past. For this reason we thought it’d be fun to give our customers a monthly update on a few budtender picks.

This month we’ll be looking into what Aubree, Lourdes, and Amelia have been grabbing lately. To make it interesting, we asked each budtender what their two favorite products were within the categories of concentrates, edibles, and flower. See what they said below!

Budtender Picks Of The Month


We asked one of our most seasoned budtenders, Aubree, what her favorite concentrates are right now for both taste and quality. She gave a quick nod to the Kola Bear Skunkberry Live Resin Sugar Wax Hybrid. Aubs said the Kola Bear is hands-down a five-star in her book, noting that the taste, smell, and high were A+++.

Her second choice was The People’s Diesel Hybrid Terp Sugar Hybrid. If you’re looking for a great strain to use for ample relaxation, Aubree gives The People’s Diesel Hybrid her seal of approval.


Up next, we extended the invitation to Lourdes to give us two of her favorite edibles currently on our shelves. Her first pick was the Journeyman Hybrid Edibles. She said when it comes to fruity gummies that contain ample amounts of THC and even higher amounts of tasty flavor—these are bar-none. Journeyman makes a wide array of edibles that are all top notch.

Check Out Diamond Green's January Budtender Picks Of The MonthHer second choice was the White Chocolate Horchata from Cornerstone’s Hybrid Edibles. Lourdes said these delicious chocolates are made with distillate so you only taste the chocolaty goodness. She also made positive comments on their small size and therefore easiness to consume.


Last but not least is the honored opinion of our budtender, Amelia. We asked her to give us the her two personal favorites for flower and the first choice on her list was the Gorilla Glue from Black Cat. She said it gave her a desirably chill and euphoric high.

Check Out Diamond Green's January Budtender Picks Of The MonthHer second choice was the ever popular Headband strain from Doghouse. Amelia made note of the uplifting, giggly high this strain produces, as well as its ability to make anxiety disappear.

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