A Basic Guide To The Award-Winning Airo Pro Vaporizer


You may already know the Airo Pro vaporizer by another name—IndigoPro. Back in July of 2018 the company made a pivot to the new name for the same sought-after product. This is truly a unique device currently available on the market for vaporizing cannabis oils that many customers hold in high regard.

The Airo Pro comes with several key features that offer ease-of-use, durability, and most importantly—big smoke. Just as many casual smokers reach for this product as do cannabis connoisseurs looking for variety in strains and styles of extraction (i.e. distillates vs. CO2’s.) We thought it’d be useful to breakdown some of the integral functions of the Airo Pro vaporizer, as well as the variety of products that work well with it. You can find the Airo Pro vaporizer ready-for-purchase at Diamond Green for only $41. Did we mention that it’s a High Times World Cannabis Cup Winner?

Key Features

For starters, the Airo Pro is virtually unbreakable and button-free. This thing is leak-resistant and made from highly durable material, and produces three times the vapor of your typical battery. The Airo Pro most notoriously has a function where it vibrates during use. The device also features a ceramic atomizer, LED-light that indicates the need for charging, and boasts a long-lasting battery.


The Airo Pro is one of the hardest-hitting batteries widely available currently, and it’s extremely easy to use. The device is activated by airflow so you simply need to take a pull of it to activate the heating ceramic atomizer within. The device will vibrate to indicate you’re smoking it, and will give a subtle single buzz when you’re done smoking to indicate if the battery is getting low.

Two buzzes from the vape after smoking it means your battery is almost dead. An LED light exists around the rim of the bottom of the device that will flash to further indicate battery life. Plug in any micro-USB to charge the battery and the LED light will turn red at first to imply it’s dead. Then, it will stay lit up with a green light to indicate the battery is full.


A Basic Guide To The Award-Winning Airo Pro Vaporizer

The Airo Pro has brand-specific magnetic cartridges that are color-coded to indicate the flavor and terpene profile. These cartridges only work with the Airo Pro and typically come in half grams. Don’t worry though! There are magnetic adapters you can find at any shop to screw onto any typical CCell cartridge to make it work with the Airo Pro. Some companies will even include this adapter with any of their cartridges you may purchase. In recent times Airo Vapor has partnered with Harmony Farms to produce a wide array of both distillate and CO2 cartridges.

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