Lifted Cannabis Co. Is A Top-Shelf Brand Produced Right Here In Tacoma!


Lifted Cannabis Co. is one of our top-selling brands that also happens to be produced right here in Tacoma, WA! This tier-two producer established in 2016 has quickly risen in popularity for their potent strains and terpene-rich extracts. Lifted began in WA’s collective medical growing system and made such a smooth transition into recreational that you’d almost call it fate. These guys got a bigger building, a tier-three license, and sent out their first batch of flower to retailers in a mere six months.

After some help from Northwest Cannabis Solutions (NWCS,) Lifted really took off. NWCS was buying Lifted’s flower on wholesale and packaged it under their brand with a small imprint of Lifted on each bag to offer a little advertising to them. This push from NWCS really set Lifted on the right path to success as they picked up several new accounts and had the funding necessary to take-off.

Lifted Cannabis Co.

Lifted Cannabis Co. Is A Top-Shelf Brand Produced Right Here In Tacoma!They’ve since become a brand so popular that they’re biggest issue is keeping up with demand. These folks are selling their whole crop of flower before anyone’s even harvesting it more often than not. What they’re seriously popular for is their extracts like diamonds, sauces, terp sugars, and the like. Lifted is currently expanding into their new tier-three space so they’re only amping-up production and scale to meet the public’s demand.

Currently at Diamond Green you can pick up grams of their popular signature Wedding Cake strain for $14, and eighths for $45. This is one of our top shelf products that is a harmonious cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie that’s flavorful to say the least. We also have packs of pre-rolls from Lifted for $10 each that burn evenly, and give ample user satisfaction. Find more products from Lifted as well as the rest of our menu on Leafly, which is updated regularly.

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