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At Diamond Green we’re proud to carry an array of reliable cannabis products from Northwest Cannabis Solutions. This brand that calls Olympia, WA its home has been delivering a plentiful supply of every form of cannabis you can imagine since 2015. As one of the largest recreational producer/processors in Washington it’s easy to find one of their favorable concoctions. Under the Northwest Cannabis Solutions (NWCS) brand is LEGENDS, PRIVATE RESERVE, MINI BUDZ, MAGIC KITCHEN edibles, EVERGREEN, EZ VAPE single-use carts, GoldLine Concentrates, THCaps infused capsules, and even more.

NXCS has built a veritable empire off of delivering classic strains with no fuss, and without breaking the bank on the consumer’s end. You’ve no doubt seen their two top-selling strains, Blue Dream and Super Lemon Haze, on various dispensary shelves. Recently the company was even bought by Cannex Capital Inc, which is the largest U.S. public cannabis company out there (in terms of revenue.) NWCS now boasts over 150 employees and is relentlessly continuing to increase its scale, production, and reach.

Have A Look At Northwest Cannabis Solutions And Their Many ProductsThe production side of NWCS is run from two warehouses currently. One contains the grow, which surprisingly is only a 70,000 sq foot production facility. This unique operation centers around 44 grow rooms and an upper mezzanine that house the plants in soil on wheeled carts. Utilizing this style of growing allows a large-scale grow such as theirs micro-manage strains in smaller controlled environments. While at the same time using the efficiency of being able to move the carts to the workspace for watering and hands-on care.

The second warehouse handles all the processing of flower and other product lines. This warehouse holds two commercial-grade kitchens, an extraction lab, storage, and product packaging. In this building they create some of the most sought after edibles currently on the market.

NWCS is truly bringing innovation and enginuity to the cannabis industry and seeing noticeable success from it. Ask about their products on our shelves the next time you stop in! Be sure to look at our menu on Leafly daily for updates on new products from vendors like Northwest Cannabis Solutions.


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