Learn About Orgrow: A Large-Scale Grower In The Yakima Valley


We’re happy to house Orgrow Farms’ products on our shelves at Diamond Green. They’re a tier-3 producer pumping out quality product in Moxee, Washington. Moxee is a small town in the scenic Yakima Valley of Central Washington. As the hop industry has been an integral part of the local culture, Orgrow has made a culture within their farm that harkens to the early post-prohibition era.

Like the hop farmers of the 1930’s, Orgrow cultivates cannabis in a way that honors and celebrates the freedom to make it. Moxee is known as the hop capital of the world, producing loosely one-third of the world’s hop supply. Orgrow Farms aims to compete as one of the largest cannabis producers only operating since 2014.

The size of their facility speaks to their ambitions to produce mass amounts of cannabis. Their main room alone boasts over 300 lights, with five additional flowering rooms on top of that. Then there’s a towering curing bay with flower strung on pulleys, reaching up to 20-foot tall ceilings. On top of all that they also have a concentrate laboratory, a pheno-hunt/experiment bay, and an outdoor grow housing 900 plants in the ground.

Despite the immense size of Orgrow’s facility, they still curate an extremely family-like atmosphere. Many of the workers on staff have been living and working in the area for over thirty years. The community surrounding them is eager to do whatever possible to make local businesses succeed. Job titles remain loose at Orgrow in the sense that everyone pitches in to the hard work like trimming or re-potting plants. No one is above doing any task, as the goal around Orgrow is to maintain constant and steady improvement on every level of the business.

Have a look at our full menu on Leafly to find Orgrow’s killer strains like Ace of Spades. Be sure to follow them on Instagram below to stay privy to any vendor days they may have coming up around the state.


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