Why Are More People Vaporizing Cannabis In Recent Years?


Vaporizing cannabis has only been popular for around a decade and it’s already revolutionizing daily cannabis use.

Although digital vaporizers have become the norm, there’s a long lost vaporizing method that has been lost with time, knifers. Knifers are the original way to vaporize cannabis, picking up a hit of cannabis with metal knives that have been heated on a metal burner stove. The weed heats and sparks by the heat contained in the knives and you inhale the smoke through a water bottle that’s cut in half. Knifers never reached mainstream cannabis use, but without a doubt were a stepping stone in the vaporizer revolution. Knifers have and will always remain a niche practice because of their clunky delivery style and it’s just not a practical way to smoke weed.

Vaping took off full speed when the vaporizer became cool and stylish in the early and mid-2000’s when rappers like Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa did collaborations with designer vape maker Grenco Science. In 2018 cannabis vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes. The engineering capabilities of cannabis vaporizers have become much more advanced over the last decade; increasing portability, reliability, discreetness, ease-of-use, and overall style of these devices.

Look no further than the Pax Era device to see how far vaporizer portability has come. The entire device fits in the palm of your hand and you can find pax era pods in a variety of strains from cannabis producers like Heylo, Labs Of Dabstract, and LeafWerx. There are currently over 250 strains from 50 different cannabis extractors available in Pax Era pods for vaporizing. This device fits into any pocket or bag with absolute ease, has a battery that takes 45-minutes to charge and lasts for over 250 puffs. The Pax Era has a simple draw battery; just inhale and enjoy fat hits of tasty vapor.

Cannabis vapes also have the major benefit of a less smell. Vapor doesn’t hang around in the air as smoke does. Vape pens make it incredibly easy to use cannabis on the sneak tip, alerting nobody to your immediate use. It’s easy to sneak around the corner for a few puffs before you get right back to work.

Besides the pure convenience of cannabis vapes, people have also switched to vaping because of the perceived medical benefits of vaping cannabis. While no conclusive verdict has been reached on the dangers of vaping; plenty of anecdotal evidence exists about why people prefer to vape over traditional smoking methods. Many vapers report less coughing, wheezing and respiratory issues that are associated with daily cannabis smoking.


Some Of The Best Vaporizers On The Market

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Diamond Green Vape Cart Recommendations

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