These 4 Cannabis Products Are Helping People Ages 35-65+


Cannabis consumers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. While most people traditionally smoke cannabis, many consumers have found positive outcomes from products like tinctures, edibles, vaporizers, and CBD.

Topicals, edibles, vaporizers, and tinctures are a solid choice for customers in the 35-60-year-old range for a variety of reasons. These types of products are often available with ratios designed for specific health & wellness scenarios. PTSD, chronic pain, different types of cancer, IBS, anxiety, the list of health-related cannabis success stories really does go on-and-on.

If you’re looking for cannabis products that can improve quality of life, Diamond Green can help. Down below we’ve created a list of items you should consider using if you’re looking for discreet, effective, and affordable products.

Cannabis Products For Older People Ages 35-65+

AiroPro Portable Vaporizer

Formerly called the IndigoPro, the AiroPro vaporizer comes with all the same specs, and a larger selection of oils. This little device comes in at around $35, and the cartridges that are specific to AiroPro produce a clean and effective puff.

There are also cartridges that come with magnetic adapters that will allow you to use virtually any cartridge with your AiroPro. Not to mention this thing is virtually indestructible and maintains a long-lasting battery life.

All of AiroPro’s brand-specific cartridges contain naturally-flavored oils and high-potency pure distillate oils. This vaporizer also slides into your pocket very easily and conceals the tank of the cartridge when it’s in place. It also vibrates when you smoke it! This vaporizer and the cartridges are most often utilized by parents, nurses, and our older guests who don’t like smelling like pot. We’ve really noticed older people have found pleasure in this product.

Indica Lifestyle Tincture By Fairwinds

Fairwinds Cannabis makes several products that are not designed for smoking. One of the best items they offer is the indica version of their Lifestyle Tincture. This tincture is enhanced with mango flavoring and encapsulates the traditional effects from “Indica” leaning cannabis.

Many cannabis users come to our shop looking for something to help them relax at night. Something that won’t make them cough or smell and hopefully tastes good. This tasty tincture is almost guaranteed to put users into relaxation mode. All it takes is 1-2 drops on your tongue, in your tea or smoothie, or whatever else you want to mix it with!

This tincture is $30, contains ten servings, and has 100mg of THC per bottle. If you sign up for our loyalty program you can save 20% off.


The question when it comes to edibles is are you looking for something sweet, salty, or savory, and do you have a need for CBD? We’ve got them all, and many of the edibles we offer are even vegan-friendly. Many of our customers in the 35-60 age bracket report that an edible or two usually does the trick for them.

Take a moment to browse our menu on Leafly to see all the options available. Many of the products by Northwest Cannabis Solutions have come back with positive reviews. This is a brand that offers several tasty cannabis-infused munchies including but not limited to cookies, chocolates, and CBD gummies.

Muscle Melt – Green Revolution

The aches and pains of age wear on us all, especially older people. It’s no secret that there are many salves, lotions, and ointments on the market to ease joint and muscle pain. Muscle Melt by Green Revolution is a fast-acting warming-gel that eases all the physical pains that life has thrown at you. A small application of this product to any joint, or area of muscle inflammation will be quelled rather quickly.

Many of our customers that have lamented on decades of body pain from manual labor have reported the fast-relief this product provides them. Each 2oz bottle is priced at $25 and rubs on in a smooth, non-oily fashion. There’s a grand total of 100mg of THC, and 40mg of CBD in this little bottle. After a hard day’s work, a smooth application of this relaxing salve has left our customers coming back for more.

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