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Check Out These Three Potent Strains From Top-Shelf Grower, GLW!


Growing Like A Weed or GLW for short, is a tier-two producer of craft cannabis that we have a lot of nice things to say about. They began out in Spokane in 2014 by the hands of local area craftsman of veritable experience. Collectively, their team brings 20 years of growing experience to the table which is nothing to scoff at.

What GLW is truly doing different is their style of growing. They tackle growing by mimicking mother nature as best they can in a controlled environment. They’ll add in beneficial bacterias such as worm castings, molasses, brewed compost tea, and hand-mixed soil to create a more natural approach. This of course means all of their flower is one hundred percent pesticide-free. We’re proud to carry brands like Growing Like A Weed and have three strains for you that we felt needed showcasing.

Three Potent Strains From GLW


Check Out These Three Potent Strains From Top-Shelf Grower, GLW!Silvertip is one of the classic strains that GLW produces. This hybrid offers a solid balance of sativa and indica. Its genetics come from Grandaddy Purple crossed with Super Silver Haze giving it a minty, yet sweet flavor. You’ll never find disappointment with this strain for something you can smoke during the day or at night.


Pudding is the perfect strain to lighten the mood and relax your body. You’ll find yourself pleasantly stoned off this with just enough focus remaining to get things done. Be aware that smoking too much of this strain might make you a little too stony to keep a vibrant conversation going!


Check Out These Three Potent Strains From Top-Shelf Grower, GLW!This is the kind of cannabis that really creeps up on you. Skunkadelic is a potent hybrid strain you won’t find from any other prominent growers in the 502 market. Smoking ample amounts of this type of weed will hit you with a trippy high that shows up 30 minutes or more after consuming.

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