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The Force Is Very Strong In These 4 Strains To Celebrate May 4th With


The first week of May starts out with an interesting collection of events. First May Day, then Cinco de Mayo, but before that, is May the 4th be with you. On this fan-fueled holiday it’s important to remember the important things in life, like what really made Anakin turn to the dark side? And, with what luck is it that the fourth of May fell on a Saturday this year? After finally enjoying a bit of sun on the west side of WA, why not sit down in the evening for a Star Wars marathon to end all marathons?

Before you get too deep in any original or current Star Wars content, you need to stock up on supplies to last you through the night. That’s why we’ve put together a strain list of four spacey strains that are sure to zone you out into a galaxy far, far away this May 4th. The might even up your midichlorian count. Check out our live menu for updates on inventory and new products.

“May The 4th Be With You” Strain List

Ewok by Soulshine

When you buy from Soulshine you know you’re getting sustainably grown cannabis. You’re also giving 1% of your sale to the Emerald City Pet Rescue, furthering their good work. Conveniently,  they produce a strain of Ewok that if you smoke too much of, may actually turn you into a Wookie. This strain contains humulene, caryophyllene, and pinene terps that combine into an indica-dominant hybrid that’s full of flavor.

Star Pebbles by Phat Panda

Delicious Star Pebbles from Phat Panda that may or may not have come from the Dagobah system. After smoking some of this sativa-dominant strain you may find yourself lost on a distant planet within your mind. You may even feel like Yoda’s riding on your back.

Starkiller by Doghouse

This version of Starkiller by Doghouse really makes you feel powerfully high. Skywalker OG and Rare Dankess #2 come together to create this new strain. Starkiller’s potent indica side can make you doze off and crash your Millenium Falcon, so be careful. Do you know what the strain’s name is referencing? The answer may lead you to the dark side…

Alien OG by Dama

Dama’s Alien OG is a friendly interstellar traveler that wants you to have a good time. As a  indica leaning hybrid that crosses Alien Kush with Tahoe OG, this strain will usually deliver high THC percentages and pleasant highs. Alien OG may give you the kind of rush you’d get after a thrilling race on Tatooine.

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