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Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid—Three Essential Strains From Mad Mark Farms


Mad Mark is not only a person, he’s also the founder of a top shelf craft cannabis grow out in Enumclaw, WA. This man brings essentially a lifelong passion of growing dank nugs to the table with his reliable team. In 2015 Mark put in his application to grow recreational cannabis when many were still hesitant, and has since made a name for his unique products in the growing industry.

Mark and his team utilize a smaller growing operation but they never fall short on producing sticky, stinky cannabis with noteworthy genetics and high terpene profiles. What makes their products stand out even more aside from what’s inside the jar is the unique artwork they slap on each jar. You’ll notice a special hand-drawn graphic they attach to each of their strains that are eye-grabbing to say the least. Of the potent strains we carry from Mad Mark at Diamond Green we thought it’d be useful to share three of our favorites. Here is an indica, sativa, and hybrid that will glaringly showcase the quality of this top shelf brand anytime. Find products from this grower and more on our Leafly menu that’s always showcasing new products at Diamond Green!

3 Essential Mad Mark Strains

Amnesia – Sativa

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid—Three Essential Strains From Mad Mark FarmsIf you’re looking for a crazy strong sativa that doesn’t retain very much CBD but makes up for it in psychotropic effects—Amnesia is your strain. This strain comes from some variation on Jack Herer, Skunk, or Cinderella 99, but retains its uplifting, creative, and euphoric effects. A couple of puffs on this strain will have you buzzing and active for several hours.

Chemdawg – Indica

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid—Three Essential Strains From Mad Mark FarmsChemdawg is known for having its genetics originally coming from more sativa-dominant parents. Recent breeding of this strain has made a more indica-dominant variation. The Chemdawg from Mad Mark is of this variety, still offering ample THC potency. This indica will relax you while still getting you amply stony, so be careful!

Blue Hawaiian – Hybrid

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid—Three Essential Strains From Mad Mark FarmsTalk about some gorgeous looking nugs that slap you in the face with terpenes—say hello to the delicious Blue Hawaiian hybrid. Crossing Blueberry with Hawaiian has made this resulting strain equal parts relaxing and uplifting. You’ll notice the smoke from this strain is extremely smooth, and flavorful.

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