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Growing Like A Weed Is Part of The Top Shelf At Diamond Green


Growing Like A Weed or GLW for short, is a tier-two producer of craft cannabis we’re proud to line our top shelf with at Diamond Green. This killer cannabis brand began out in Spokane in 2014 by local area experienced craftsman. Their goal was to the bar with the highest quality cannabis on the market, which they’ve arguably done…and then some. Did we mention they bring over 20 years of collective growing experience to the table?

You can find a myriad of strains from Growing Like A Weed. Some that lean more towards clean and consistent flavor, to some strains that knock you on your ass, and everything in between. This is a brand that has heavy experience in both agriculture, and growing quality cannabis.

Growing Like A Weed Is Part of The Top Shelf At Diamond GreenGLW’s growing process is where their true flexibility to reach a broad customer-base lies. What GLW is doing different from a lot of other grows is they try to mimic mother nature in their growing process with a slightly more controlled environment and keen eye.

They use hand mixed soil, brewed compost tea, worm castings, molasses, and other beneficial bacterias for a more natural approach to growing. This has given them a substantial name in the cannabis community for growing top-shelf quality cannabis without any use of pesticides or unnatural methods.

The most potent strain from GLW that we carry at Diamond Green currently is their Bubba Kush without a doubt. Other strains from them we regularly keep in-stock include Skytower, Poison Toad #2, and Galactic Glue. Be sure to check our full menu on Leafly to find out about any new GLW products. If you have a chance, make a note to look for their Rosé strain that’s gorgeous to say the least.

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