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The Do-Si-Dos Strain: OG Kush And GSC Lineage Produce A Sedative And Sweet Hitter


The Do-Si-Dos strain had a serious moment in the spotlight within the last few years. This indica-dominant hybrid packs a significant punch and boasts brilliant coloration. By crossing a GSC-phenotype (OGKB) with Face Off OG, you end up with a delectable cultivar that has floral aromas and notorious OG effects. This is the kind of strain that cannasseurs can enjoy for both a strong terpene profile and high cannabinoid counts.

When looking at the Do-Si-Dos strain, your eyes will be met with diverse streaks of purple, lime, and lavender. The bright orange pistils lend to an aesthetically pleasing bud. Some cuts of Do-Si-Dos are more purple than others, but what they’re never short on is a thick layer of glistening trichomes. These dense buds snap apart to blast your face with sweet, skunky, and earthiness before a pleasant floral resolve. The look and smell of this herb has a little something for old school and new school stoners.

The dominant terpenes in the Do-Si-Dos strain are limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. The sweet citrus notes come in from the limonene, while the caryophyllene is providing that earthy spice. Lastly, linalool is providing the floral flavors and potentially helping with this strain’s potentially relaxing effects. The classic OG aromas that swirl around this bud suggest that it might provide truly sedative and buzzing effects. 

Smoking on some of the Do-Si-Dos strain, you’ll pick up more of an earthy spice with the sweetness tailing on the end. The funky flavor will definitely prevail on the smoke, with the effects coming quickly. You might feel a surge of euphoria before this strain jettisons you into a pain-relieving comatose state. This might be the perfect strain to help you melt into the couch after a tedious day.

Find The Do-Si-Dos Strain At Diamond Green

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