The Beginners Guide To Cannabis Edibles & Drinks

Edibles 101

Cannabis-infused foods aka “edibles” have risen as a reliable form of consumption for those seeking body-focused effects without having to smoke. The only problem that many inexperienced users fall prey to is not knowing their limit—and eating too much.

The main thing to remember with edibles is that they take time to kick in, and when they do, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Conversely, if you don’t eat enough, by the time it goes through your liver, you may not feel anything.

Smoking, dabbing, or vaping cannabis gives you the instant effects of the herb. You can easily see how much you’ve smoked, and when you’ve had enough. Edibles on the other hand, need to metabolize and digest into your liver.

Those with slower metabolisms may not feel the effects until over two hours after consumption, while those with faster metabolisms could be high within an hour.

Cannabis-infused edibles are legally-bound to contain only 10mg of THC per piece. Test out varying levels of this amount of THC (CBD will similarly relax, in timed intervals to find your perfect spot.

Many cannabis users choose edibles for relief from nausea, pain, or problems with their appetite. If you have any questions about embarking on your edibles journey, we implore you to consult any one of our highly knowledgeable budtenders.

Tips For Consumption

1) Consider your schedule. It takes some time for you to start feeling the effects of edibles and this means that they take longer to leave your system. Cannabis goodies can have you couch-locked or on stuck depending on the dosage. So make sure you take care of any responsibilities before hand.

2) Think about what’s in your stomach. Even though edibles are digested, it is still a good idea to put some food in that belly. If you take edibles on an empty stomach, there is a good chance you will feel the effects quicker and stronger. For a beginner, this can be extremely intense.

Also, be careful of mixing alcohol with your treats. Alcohol thins the blood and can increase THC blood concentration intensely. So you’re definitely going to want to think before you drink with cannabis.

3) Start small and take it slow. It’s not a race. Because you are digesting cannabis, your body needs time. It takes a while to process your stomach contents, so you won’t feel high instantly compared to smoking.

4) Read the package dosing guidelines carefully. An average dosage that people take in edibles is 10mg. Consuming edibles is not the same as smoking and it affects the body slightly different. We encourage micro-dosing to test your tolerance out.

5) Get in a comfortable surrounding. Nothing is worse than being too high in an uncomfortable environment. Choose your journey carefully to keep comfy at all times.

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