Cannabis can sometimes be difficult to understand. That’s why we made this guide for you.

What is Cannabis Flower?

Flower, bud, weed, marijuana… whatever you call it, this is cannabis in its most common form. Flower refers to the bud of the female plant, trimmed, dried, weighed and packaged for sale. This is what you buy and what gets you high.

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What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates are products made from the cannabis plant that have been processed to keep only the most desirable plant compounds (primarily the cannabinoids and terpenes), while removing excess plant material and other impurities. Ounce for ounce, marijuana concentrates have a greater proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes when compared to natural cannabis flowers.

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What Are Edibles?

Cannabis can be infused with basically any food, ranging from cookies and brownies to chocolates, hard candies, and hot or cold drinks. Many cannabis chefs have even created recipes for infusing cannabis with sophisticated cuisines.

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What is CBD?

Both CBD and THC have significant therapeutic attributes. But unlike THCCBD does not make a person feel “stoned” or intoxicated. That’s because CBD and THC act in different ways on different receptors in the brain and body. CBD comes in many form factors such as creams and salves. 

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We will continue adding to our guides. In addition, our staff also blogs about their favorite products and experiences

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