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Try Mixing Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner


Cannabis-infused tinctures have become popular because they can provide benefits to your day-to-day. At Diamond Green, we offer a myriad of tinctures that can be utilized at just about every meal throughout your day.

If your age is 35-65+, or maybe you simply don’t like to smoke, we’ve provided an easy guideline for adding a bit of cannabis into your life. These tinctures won’t have you smelling like stinky weed at work or with your family. The brand at our store that creates incredibly effective tinctures is Fairwinds. They’ve created an award-winning topical and a tincture, and their company is based out of Vancouver, WA.

Fairwinds was founded on the principle of bringing cutting-edge cultivating technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and proven ancient herbal traditions into the forefront of the cannabis industry. Their products cater to any part of a cannabis user’s day to either uplift, relax, or relieve stress/pain.


Breakfast goes best with a sativa-based tincture. This one provides an energetic and cerebral high, and also pairs well with your morning coffee. Simply add in a couple drops for a super boost!

Tinctures can also be mixed in with your eggs, oatmeal, smoothie, omelet, really anything you cook for breakfast. Use this for an added kick to propel you through the day.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Sativa Lifestyle – Fairwinds Cannabis

This tasty tincture comes with a light mango flavoring to enhance the natural terpene profiles of the cannabis extracted. This tincture features great sativa-related effects on the body and mind. It also features a blend of omega fatty acids essential for several neural and bodily processes relating to physical and mental health.


Much like breakfast, you want to plan a lunch that will keep you going throughout your day. No one wants to experience the mid-day crash that makes you feel sluggish and disconnected from productivity at the end of your work-day. Fairwinds offers another great tincture you can utilize with your lunch to wash away the mid-day malaise.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Digestify – Fairwinds Cannabis

This tincture is concocted with a special terpene blend that specifically eases digestion pain and difficulties. If you’re looking for something that won’t effect you in a psychoactive way, the cannabinoids in this tincture are free of such a variety that it shouldn’t leave you impaired as you keep grinding.


Your day is finally tapering off and dinner serves as a time of self-reflection on the day’s events. You want to find a tincture that will aid in the recovery process to make tomorrow go off without a hinge. Luckily there are a few tinctures by Fairwinds that will keep you engaged for the evening before it’s time for bed.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner


Indica Lifestyle – Fairwinds Cannabis

This is the indica version of their Lifestyle tincture mentioned previously. This one comes with a little more mango flavor to give more of an indica effect. Expect yourself to feel a bit more “stoned” after adding this to your evening meal.


Before Bed

If you have trouble falling asleep like so many people on this planet, don’t fret. There are a couple key tinctures on our shelves that will put you right to sleep. You want a tincture that will ease body pain, help with digestion, and give you a nice relaxing high

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner


PM Relief 300 — Fairwinds Cannabis

This bottle contains only non-psychoactive cannabinoids to aid in the relief of bodily pain. Fairwinds’ PM Relief is avocado-based and known to provide noticeable relief to your body and digestive system.

Deep Sleep Tincture — Fairwinds Cannabis

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And DinnerLooking for a nice, deep sleep? This is it. The Deep Sleep Tincture by Fairwinds has a slow onset that gives the user a comfortable ride into slumber town. Utilizing an uncommon ratio of THC to CBD (75/45 CBD/THC) the effects of the cannabis and herbs in this product last less than eight hours. That way the user can avoid the groggy morning-high that inhibits many who smoke before bed.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And DinnerCBD Companion – Fairwinds Cannabis

This tincture will add a bit of (synthetic) bacon flavoring to your pet’s morning or evening meal, as well as add a nice kick of bodily effects to ease the pain of the day’s efforts. Plus, 10% of all this products proceeds go to Northwest organizations that are furthering pet wellness.

Be sure to check our full-menu on Leafly daily, as it’s constantly being updated with new products.

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