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Cannabis Lotions, Topicals, And Tinctures That Might Increase Overall Wellness


Cannabis products are quickly evolving past the simple pre-rolled joint and bong hits. While these classics will always hold their mystique to the stoners and glass-heads, a new revolution of non-invasive cannabis products is quickly creeping its way into the mainstream wellness routines. Many professionals don’t have time to be stoned as a side-effect of using medicinal products because of limited time restrictions between work, athletic, or familial obligations.

Diamond Green understands not everyone wants to smoke; this list of topicals, lotions, and tinctures is meant to dispense the healing and wellness powers of cannabinoids and terpenes with little or no psychoactive effects. These are the best topicals, lotions, and tinctures at our shop.

Topicals, Lotions, and Tinctures

Green Revolution Body Buzz Bath Soak

Baths and soaks can be a crucial method for recovery for athletes or vital relaxation for the over-stressed parent. There are a number of ways to enhance your bath’s healing abilities including Epsom salts, bath salts, and bombs. Epsom salts break down in water, releasing magnesium and sulfate, restoring vital minerals to your body. Green Revolution’s Body Buzz bath soak combines the Epsom salts with their proprietary cannabinoid and terpene formula. Each container contains 100-milligrams of THC and 40-milligrams of CBD.

Green Revolution Muscle Melt

Green Revolution’s muscle melt salve is designed to be fast-acting. Like their Body Buzz, Muscle Melt combines the healing power of cannabinoids with other other kinds of natural healing ingredients.

Their Muscle Melt formula comes in ways; an infused-warming lotion and infused-rub.

Muscle Melt warming lotion contains an even 150:150 THC to CBD ratio and herbs like capsicum, aloe vera, arnica, wintergreen, and ginger which all have measurable analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Muscle Melt is designed to be fast acting; the effects taking hold minutes after application.

Muscle Melt salve contains 100-milligrams of THC, 40-milligrams of CBD, and 20-milligrams of various other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBA, and CBDa, and THCa.


THC Express CBD Massage Oil

Massage and deep tissue work can be vital for back pain, posture, and mobility issues. Massage therapy can be expensive, but foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and some CBD oil are enough tools to produce pain-relief comparable to a sixty-minute paid massage. This CBD-based massage oil is designed to provide extra deep tissue relief. These synergy oils come in two different scents, lemongrass and CBDragon.

Digestify Tincture

Diet is many times the first thing that suffers as a result of our work first, rest later society. Science is starting to shine a light on the importance of diet, gut health, and the gut-brain connection. New research is showing depression can be linked to inflammation caused by poor dietary choices. With new science showing the importance of gut health in relation to mental health, adding supplements that aid in nutrient absorption and gut health could make a big difference in your day to day life.

Fairwinds makes a Digestify tincture that aids in gut health with a formula fortified with cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes. This tincture should be taken in accordance with the dosage information on the box.

Feminine Relief Suppositories

These products are designed to help ladies with uncomfortable effects of their monthly menstrual cycle. Over-the-counter pain medication can have harmful side effects for your gut health when taken regularly. Fairwinds provides a cannabis-based suppository for ladies who won’t be slowed while dealing with painful cramps and other side effects.  Each package comes with four individually wrapped suppositories, each suppository contains five-milligrams of CBD and THCa, and 10-milligrams of THC.

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